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The care I have been given by Dr. Church and his staff has been excellent.  The initial consultation was extremely helpful to understand my dental needs.  Dr. Church prioritized the areas of need.  The timing in which you want to get the work completed is up to you.  Each procedure was completed to the highest standards.  I had several visits over a 6 month period and actually miss not seeing the staff more often. I highly recommend Dr. Church and all of the staff.  My wife feels exactly the same way about Dr. Church and his staff. Craig and Leslie


Dr. Russell Church is well respected and highly qualified to treat dental needs in the areas of cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry. With over 25 years of experience, he offers comprehensive high level dental care and wellness services including all general dental services, complex restorative procedures, and cosmetic techniques.  Dr. Church and his staff’s primary responsibility is to educate each patient regarding their current dental health level, as well as offer alternatives which will help them to attain optimum oral health, a beautiful smile and comfort in jaw function throughout a lifetime.

What is complete dentistry?
Complete dentistry is giving detailed focus to the entire chewing system. The foundation of complete dentistry is the identification and correction of problems, not only with individual teeth, but also with the interaction of the teeth, jaws, muscles and joints as they function together.  In order to achieve “complete” stability, health and comfort, all of these components must operate in harmony.  If any one of these is out of balance or unstable, the entire system can be effected.


Dr. Church utilizes digital x-rays, they provide a clearer, more accurate picture of the oral cavity than traditional film x-rays.

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Cosmetic Dentistry is much more than creating an attractive smile. It is developing beautiful, healthy teeth…

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We moved into our beautiful new office in July of this year. We are conveniently located on 10th Ave, just east of Fred Meyer in Salmon Creek.

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American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry • Academy of General Dentistry • American Dental Association • Washington State Dental Association • Clark County Dental Society